Hydrovac Services

Discover the unparalleled expertise of Hardline Heating & Plumbing, where our state-of-the-art Hydrovac unit coupled with CCTV camera technology delivers precise inspection, flushing and cleaning service. Our commitment to excellence is evident as we inspect wastewater infrastructure for damage, ensuring compliance with building codes and development permits—often without the disruptive and costly process of road excavation.

At the core, is a purpose-built Hydrovac service truck, meticulously crafted to flush and eliminate substantial debris obstructing sewers and stormwater drains. Municipalities, commercial enterprises, industrial facilities, and residential clients all trust Hardline Heating & Plumbing for comprehensive sewer inspections, cleaning and maintenance.

Whether you’re dealing with an urgent situation or embarking on a long-term program, Hardline Heating & Plumbing is your go-to solution. Expect swift, high-quality, and cost-effective results that redefine industry standards.

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Expert Sewer Flushing & Cleaning

Our high-velocity hydrovac and flush unit is designed to efficiently clean a variety of crucial infrastructures, including sanitary and storm sewer lines, effluent lines, oil grit separators, lift stations, and catch basins. Beyond our powerful flushing and vacuum systems, we come prepared with specialized tools tailored for the removal of roots, grease, and buildup commonly found in pipelines. Our experienced team delivers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond the surface, ensuring the optimal functionality of your systems.

CCTV Camera Inspection

Trust Hardline Heating & Plumbing to bring clarity to your infrastructure, providing you with insightful reports and a proactive approach to maintenance. We offer cutting-edge CCTV inspection services, providing thorough examinations of plumbing and sewage systems and ensuring a meticulous diagnosis without the need for disruptive interventions.

Industries We Serve

  • Construction/Mechanical Contractors
  • Municipalities and Government
  • Utility Companies
  • Pipeline Service Companies
  • Energy Industry

Our Hydrovac Services


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Clean Your Sewer Pipes Today

We believe at Hardline Plumbing & Heating, that we are one of the top companies for sewer cleaning and camera inspection in Grande Prairie. Our team is experienced and understands how to help you achieve the benefits of a clean sewer. If you are looking for sewer cleaning and video inspection services, contact our team today.